The Town of Meenon has adopted Burnett County Zoning; however, all requests for a Zoning change or Conditional Use Permit (CUP) must be approved by the town Board prior to being approved by the County.

Please contact Burnett County Zoning @ (715) 349-2109 for zoning questions and land use permits.

Dog License

If you still need a Dog License, please include a check made out to the Town of Meenon, have your form completed (a copy was included with your taxes if you licensed a dog last year) and send with your current Rabies Certificate from your Vet, to our Town Treasurer, Brenda Mulroy, 24859 Walberg Road, Webster, Wi 54893.

Dog Licenses are handled by the Town of Meenon Treasurer, Brenda Mulroy; Brenda can be reached at (715) 349-5506.

You can use the following to download a Dog License application.

Operators’ License

If you are looking to obtain an Operators License, you must send a copy of your certification of completed “Responsible Beverage Server” class along with a check made out to the Town of Meenon for $20.00 for operators new to the Township or $5.00 for those renewing existing licenses. If your background search show reason for concern, you will be contacted and asked to appear before the Town Board to address the matter.

Operators Licenses are handled by the Town Clerk, Sue Eytcheson (715-566-1784). You can download an Operators Application by clicking this link.

Alcohol License Retail Forms

Are available for download directly from the Wisconsin Department of Revenue here:


Board of Review

Board of Review Objection forms PA-115A and PA-115B are available directly from the Wisconsin Department of Revenue, and can be downloaded directly from their website:

Objection Form for Real Property Assessment (PA-115A)

Objection Form for Personal Property Assessment (PA-115B)

Driveway Permits

Please contact Chairman Chris Sybers at 715-222-2209 for information regarding driveway permits. Complete form and return with $75.00 payment.

Driveway Permit

CUP form for the LUPC

CUP form for the LUPC

Rezone form for the LUPC

Rezone form for the LUPC

Job Application

Download an Application